Review by Beverly

Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care

Knowledgeable, gentle, and effective!

Dr. John is a terrific chiropractor. I recently moved to this area, and I am so happy that I found him! He has a similar approach as my former doctor, in that he does a non-force approach with muscle testing, meridian points, and specific nutrition. He also does the traditional type of adjustment, ("cracking") if that's what's needed, but in a very gentle and proficient way. When I first went in, I'd had a right hip problem for months, and it was interfering with my exercise and walking. Dr. John did an adjustment for an "anterior femur head", and the problem was solved - I was so happy! He has 40 years of experience working as a chiropractor, and he really knows his stuff. Take it from me - I'm a retired chiropractor! I would recommend him to anyone.

Response from Valley Center Chiropractic & Holistic Care