Review by Nikki I.

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Dr. Kelley Helps You Heal

When I first started working in an office, sitting in my chair for hours on a daily basis really took a toll on my back. By the end of the day I was in a lot of pain, to the point where I couldn't do much once I got home. I also had an old strain in my leg that hindered me from a lot of physical activity. I started seeing Dr. Kelley, who took the time to explain not only the issues I was facing, but what chiropractic truly is and his mission. I trusted him after the first visit and I was excited to go on this health journey with him. After I started treatment with Dr. Kelley, I started feeling better, not only had my back pain subsided, but the strain in my leg no longer hurt me! I feel so much better now that I have continued my treatment and gotten to a point where I am simply checking in to make sure everything is still in place. However, I love coming in just to say hi to the wonderful doctor and his assistants. Thank you SO much for all you have done for me!

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